Southwest IT Solutions is poised to enable our clients to take advantage of Cloud Computing, an emerging model for delivering IT related capabilities as a service.  This new style of computing promises dramatically better ease of use, economies of scale and much greater flexibility in sourcing and adapting to change.

What is Cloud Computing:
From a user perspective, cloud computing provides a means of acquiring computing services without requiring understanding of the underlying technology. From an organizational perspective, cloud computing delivers services for consumer and business needs in a simplified way, providing unbounded scale and differential quality of service to foster rapid innovation and decision making. It is a service acquisition and delivery model for IT resources and, if properly used within an overall IT strategy, can help improve business performance and control the costs of delivering IT resources to the organization.
 Business Benefits:
  • Responsiveness and agility in delivering new solutions – decreases time to deployment
  • Enhanced employee mobility – access anywhere, anytime
  • Incremental pricing means availability without capital outlays
  • Rapidly adjusts the volume of users as workload increases or decreases
  • New product releases are automatic at no additional cost

Harness the Power
Southwest IT Solutions’ cloud solutions provides a paradigm shift in cost savings, agility, scalability, and global reach that is simply too powerful for any organization to ignore.